It is Time to Get Healthy

It is time to get healthy. Yup, it is flat out, time to get healthy and in the morning we will kick it all off. Yes, excuses are done. Going to make an effort to figure out meal schedules and kick this thing in the butt.

When I was young, I used jump into a gym every year to get ready for football camp. Sure the first few days were rough but then it all came back. It was easy for me because I never got too out of shape in the off season. I never feared it. As a matter of fact I welcomed it.

Ring Rust

When I got into pro wrestling I used to do the same thing. The thing with wrestling was that you were always on tour. There was no off season. If you did happen to take a month off, you jumped back in after a couple of weeks of rest to get back at. You probably don’t know this, but much of the reset for a wrestler happens in a ring while he works off his so-called ring rust.

But neither of those are my life now. I happen to be a business man. Taking insulin has added 100 pounds. I work long hours in an office. My workout consists of computer keys. I have a Fitbit that I walk laps with but it is no match. I need to get into the gym environment.

In the city I live in, there are a number of gyms. Some are corporately ran while others are privately owned. When I was wrestling we used to like Gold’s or World’s as all the equipment was the same and they loved to see their shirts on TV. They were both great to us.

When it comes to a gym, I used to love to lift iron. Just something about it. Now I have selected a gym that is more of a cross training place. This is not something I am familiar with but I’m gonna try it.

My goal here is to compliment my diet. If I can get four days in here every week it will be a good thing.

It is time to get healthy. Stay tuned, you have to know there will be more to come.

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