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Please remember, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor before doing anything related to diabetes. This is what works for me.

This week we talk about Covid and how it plays in your wellness and keto. We also look at the lates keto trends!

Volume 1 Number 11

My Wellness?

As always let’s dig into my wellness to kick things off. Since I am sort of the one at the forefront of all of this.

Really interesting week. Actually crept up a couple of pounds and the only thing I could contribute it to was total calories. My macros on the keto diet were really good. I was getting more sleep. Still I hadn’t done yoga in a while as I was trying to clear up a Keto Rash. But the scale started to climb. Nothing drastic just a few pounds but still enough to get my attention.

So I did what I preach and made adjustments. I brought down my portion sizes and went back to yoga. Now I am happy to report that not only did all that weight drop off quickly but I am now down 50.2 pounds.

I also took a couple of personal days. With nowhere to go I did a total health focus. This really helped getting the scale to move again. I love it. I did yoga and really focused on my macros. 

All of this since the start of May!

And by the way, the food I post is really the food I eat.

Your Wellness?

Ok, let’s talk about a couple of things. I get people hitting me up all the time that they have stalled. This is normal and it happens. They key is to recognize the fact that we are stalled.

If in fact you do hit that wall, let’s dig in and find out why. First thing you look at is your macros. Are they all lined up right or do you need to adjust? If they are good, look at total calories. Have they gone up? Lastly I would look at exercise. Are you doing enough to burn the food that you are taking in. You are looking to have a calorie deficit. So you want to burn more calories than you are taking in. This combination together will get you out of your rut and going again. Super simple if you follow the play.

Kill The Sugar. . .Seriously

So there was a study done by the University of Michigan on high glucose levels and Covid. The study wanted to see whey those with elevated glucose levels had a harder time with Covid virus. 

What they found was that when the virus hit a diabetic, the body becomes inflamed. When this happens the immune system, instead of just attacking the virus, goes after the body’s healthy cells and tissues as well in an abnormal immune response.

So we know that sugar can be a cause of inflammation and trying to get rid of it is a big key to getting healthy. There are so many right reasons to rid the body of inflammation, attacking it anyway we can should be a key focus. Cancer is another that loves inflammation as well.

Keto And Diabetes

One of the main reasons I have tied these two together is that the amount of people who are either pre diabetic or even have Type 2 Diabetes but haven’t been diagnosed is staggering. If you are overweight and dropping pounds on keto, I would highly recommend you get checked. It is a must to make sure you know what is really going on with your body and how to manage it. 

Last week I talked about how to build your own pro team. Start with your doctor. Here I present everything that works for me. But I am in my doctor’s office every three months getting checked. You need to be doing the same. Make sure you are engaged with your Dr. Take the doc along for the voyage. Your doc should be your partner.

Keto Explosion

Wow the explosion on keto is official. According to Lu Ann Williams of Innova Market Insights, there was a 230 percent explosion of new global product launches for keto last year. There were approximately 1,400 keto products in 2018. That number jumped to 4,620 in 2019. 

The shift in sports nutrition is has happened as well. Approximately 24 percent of all launches had some sort of keto claim.

She also reported that cereal is seeing great strides in the keto world. Snacks and beverages are also players.

Three Keto Meal Hacks

I love pizza. No, I mean I love pizza. So jumping into keto I had to find a way that I could continue to eat foods I like to a degree or this wasn’t going to work. And one of the first was pizza. 

So you see my posting pics of awesome pizza probably once a week. How do I do it? Simple.

I discovered this flatbread called Cut Da Carb. This is not a paid endorsement by the way to be clear. They come in one-foot sheets. The entire sheet has nine net carbs. So depending on my carb count for the day I can either do an entire sheet or even half with a salad. The rest of the ingredients are low carb. Things like a couple of tablespoons of sauce, pepperoni, olives, cheese etc. 

The second thing I really love is making an egg roll with no shell. So I put some shredded cabbage and sprouts in a frying pan and get it going. Add some sauces on your choosing (low-car of course) and some protein. I have used chicken, ground pork and even sausage. Throw on some hot sauce and go!

Finally I love getting steak and brisket Pho from a neighborhood place. I order it with no noodles and then throw in shirataki noodles at the house. They taste just like egg noodles and have maybe one carb? Add some hot sauce and rock it!

Keto and I get along because I have been able to find meals like these. I know there are a lot of super strict folks on it. I haven’t had to go down that road. One day I might but right now this is working and I am crushing it with results.

My goal here is to excite you so that you can become healthy too. Maybe together we can get some people healthy and live longer. Have them find out if they have diabetes like I did and get sparked to go on their health journey as well.

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We are going to have some real talk here. I am going to share the things I am doing. I am not a doctor and I always encourage you to see your doctor, but this is what works for me.