July Update

Welcome to the Diabetes Army blog. The real deal from a former pro wrestler who lives with type 2 diabetes. 

Please remember, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor before doing anything related to diabetes. This is what works for me.

This week we talk about the effects of my venture into the keto diet.

How Is Keto Going?

Glad you asked. As of this writing I am down, officially, 40 pounds in less than three months. So if you ask me, I was long overdue. I am taking half the amount of insulin that I was before and my A1C level came down from 7.0 to 5.8 which is huge for me. I am so happy with the results. My body measurements have also dropped. I was grocery shopping today and had to keep pulling my pants up. Long time since that happened.

Weight Plan

So how much weight? And When? Well I started this the last couple of days of April. So basically the beginning of May. I had no idea what to expect. I figured I would drop a few pounds right away because of the water weight and then the rest would slowly come off. And that was exactly what happened. One thing I notice is that I will go in spurts. I will drop a few, then level out, then drop a few more and then level out again. Pretty interesting to watch.

Exercise Plan

No Gym? No problem? With many fitness companies having to pivot now, I jumped onto DDP Yoga. It is an app that I have on my iPad and iPhone. This is like a power yoga program except that it has levels that cater to everyone. It even has yoga you can do in your bed. I had to do this one last year as I twisted my knee and could barely walk. I also wear a heart-beat monitor with it and it tells me when I am in the zone for fat during. Pretty great program for less than $10 a month. Great value.

Diabetes Plan

At the end of the day this all comes down to my diabetes. The main thing is to keep the focus on the main thing and that is exactly what I am doing! I went to my doctor recently to get my blood check. The doc was impressed with everything I have going on. The goal is to reduce my insulin which will help me in dropping pounds. And that is exactly what I am doing. Currently at half of my prescribed amounts and the big win is with my A1C level coming down to 5.8. And I look forward to attacking this even more!

Follow Me

You can follow along with my wellness program on my podcast which is called Diabetes Army Rebuild. It is on all of your favorite players. And they are less than 10 minutes in length so I won’t tie up your whole day. Check it out!

We are going to have some real talk here. I am going to share the things I am doing. I am not a doctor and I always encourage you to see your doctor, but this is what works for me.