Stay in Control of Your Condition at All Times

Stay in control of your condition at all times. Sounds simple but you might be surprised at how hard that can be. This is so important, especially when you consider what can happen if you lose control.

I was talking to a server at a bar the other day. She said he worked at a corporate bar for a while and hated it. I asked her why? She told me that her blood sugar dropped so low she ended up in the hospital. They apparently didn’t know that she had diabetes and wrote her up even though she showed them notes to where she was.

And what was even worse, is that after she let them know that she was diabetic, they didn’t seem to care. I told her not to worry. I said that it was so important to stay in control of your situation at all times.

Employees Count

I had an employee one time who worked for me that had a hard time with that. He struggled to keep his blood sugar in control. I used to bring him to my office and make him take his reading before he entered the sales floor. We worked together to get his readings into the right levels and get his life in a better place.

In the long run he told me it was better for him to let me know about his diabetes. I could help him with what he had going on in his life. He hadn’t had that before. He was very grateful that I had helped him get his life together with this.

At the end of the day you have to stay in control of your diabetes at all times. If this means letter your supervisors know that I would highly recommend you do that. You might be surprised to find that people are happy to help you. Life can be good again, but you have to ask for the help. It will all work out, trust me.

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