I do love tea

I do love tea. It is a fact. You wouldn’t expect to hear that from an ex pro wrestler. But it is true. And the funny part is that I have loved it for years. Ever since I was a little kid. Yup, I do love tea.

When I was a kid, we used to visit my grandmother on the east coast of Canada. One of the things that she did everyday was stop for a cup of tea. Actually she would have more than one. She would put an actual tea pot on the stove and people would partake all day. So that is how it began and I never lost it all through the years.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey

I was once in a tea house in West Hollywood. There I loved their blueberry, white tea. I had just seen The Who in concert and yes I am a huge fan. Across the tea house sat Roger Daltrey.

Noticing where he sat, I strode over to Daltrey and introduced myself. He sort of played me off like I was a deranged fan. Finally I explained that I was amazed that he can still perform like he does every night. I told him about my wrestling background but said I had long retired. When he heard wrestling he completely changed his tune. He asked me if I was a wrestler and I told him I am retired. He then stuck his hand out and introduced himself to me. I almost fell over. I was such a fan.

We exchanged a few laughs and road stories. Finally he said something like who would ever expect to see a wrestler and a rock star hanging out in a tea house? Truer words were never spoken.

Tea Selection

Over the years, I have gone from the basic black tea’s to all sorts of blends. Green tea is one of my favorites ¬†and it is probably the best for you. As well, I get the blueberry, peach or coconut. I don’t add anything to them and just love the flavors. Just a nice break in the afternoon.

I do love tea. Again, I will admit it. It is not as popular as loving coffee I know but it works for me.

Yes, I do love tea.

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