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Welcome to the Diabetes Army Wellness Newsletter. The real deal from a former pro wrestler who lives with type 2 diabetes. In an effort to reduce my diabetes I am using exercise and a keto diet. These are my adventures.

Please remember, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor before doing anything related to diabetes. This is what works for me.

This week we talk about more weight loss from myself and Pete, new fasting and more!

Volume 2 Number 2

My Wellness?

Hopefully you are taking my adventures and using them for your journey as well. My whole point of doing this was to present what I am doing and hopefully others will be able to take from that.

So the year started great. I dropped another pound which would make me the lightest I have been in about 15 years. I am extremely happy about that but now looking for more.

With all the weight loss I have noticed I have a lot more energy and seem to be way more agile in what I am doing.

I have been doing DDP Yoga along the way as the gyms are all closed here in LA. The more I do the more I am able to do in this program as well. Currently I only do the standing version of it but I am noticing that I can do a lot more stretching and get into positions that I didn’t used to be able to do. This is another huge win for me.

My diabetes has been way more in line as well. I will get more into that later in the page but I am happy with the progress there as well.

So what is next?

I have been going where I will lose a few and then gain a couple back and sit there for a minute. Then it starts to drop again. There are probably a couple of reasons why this is happening so I am experimenting with different things to see what works best.

My whole journey has come from the fact that I am just a big guy figuring this thing out. I don’t want to give you something from a text book, but from somebody who is really living it. I want to give you full transparency as that is the only way we will both learn.

Lately I have had a lot of luck with fasting. Today I downloaded a fasting app and I will see if this helps me at all.

The one thing that I saw with fasting is that I grind through the fast but then when I come out of it I will look to pack all of my carbs into one meal. So that is about to stop.

This week I am going to do more fasting but instead of doing a 40-hour fast, I am going to do a number of 24-hour fasts and see what the results are from that.

Next week should be interesting for sure.

If you are at the start of your journey, don’t look at my results and think that you have to have such a dramatic loss. I am a big guy and that is why it shows. Just focus on a pound or two to start and then celebrate that. Analyze it and see what worked for you and then just keep going with it until it stops working.

What we are doing here isn’t rocket science. We just need to see what works for us.

So, my plan this week is to stay focused on the carbs, change up the fasting and watch the scale. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Your Wellness?

For those of you who don’t know, I wanted to prove this wasn’t a fluke so I started helping another ex pro wrestler with his journey. His name is Pete and he is located in Indiana. He lives in an assistance-living facility so it isn’t easy for him.

Pete’s knee is still sore but it is better than it was. Nothing was torn or broken according to the doctor so it is more of a bruise but those can be painful.

Even with that said, Pete is able to get up and move about some. He is now doing around 2,000 steps per day. Which is good for him compared to where he was.

In even better news, Pete lost another three pounds so I think that makes him down about 56 in total. He has been drinking a lot of bone broth and eating a lot of salads. Now he is going to change that up a bit. I told him to just keep it keto so we will see where this goes.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine who is a former fighter came to me and asked me to help him. So I started him going on his path too.

He just had a hip replacement so hasn’t been as active as he once was. I got him dialed in on diet though and told him what apps he would need and he was off to the races.

After about a week and a couple of days, he was already down eight pounds. His blood sugar had crept up so he is looking to drop that down as well.

I will keep you posted on him too.

Finally, another pro wrestler I used to tour with also started on his journey. He just hit me up and told me he is down 20 pounds and his blood sugar has dropped. He is looking to lose another five and is confident he will do it.

We are proving that this is really the way to go. These are real people doing real things. As always, I tell folks to check with your doctor but make sure you have the best doctor available.


Things keep getting better with my diabetes. As you know, I have been fasting using bone broth and that is really paying off. I am finding that I am starting to go a couple of days without taking any insulin at all.

To be clear, I started this taking 300 units a day. Now on my highest days I take about 30 and that is it. Some days it is only 10. I am so incredibly happy with the result.
I am lining up a physical with my doctor for March and I am very excited to get in to see him.

My goal with this is to reverse my type 2 diabetes. I will be extremely happy when that is done.

It is funny because as my insulin decreases it is almost like I can’t believe it. With that said, I am testing more than I ever have. I want to be absolutely safe with what I am doing.


I have proven to myself that the fasting not only works for me, it is an important tool for me to use as I move forward.

Now the key is how am I going to use this? I have been doing long fasts of 40 hours but am going to change that up to 24 hours and see how that goes. I just downloaded a fasting app to help me with it.

On those longs fasts there are days when I would have zero carbs at all in my system. I was using bone broth and there are no carbs in that.

With the switch over to 24 hours of fasting, I think I will be able to greatly reduce my carb intake. Even on the days where I am eating twice, I am going to look to reduce as well.

The day that the count seems to climb is Sunday as that is my day off. I work six days weekly so I sort of use Sunday as my writing day. Even though I don’t have to commute to my office, I still put in hours but I find I become a little lax on meals.

With that said, my Sunday carb count is still not crazy. A wild day may be 23 or 24 net carbs which is still a lot lower than I ever was before.

As with everything I track my ketosis with a meter. I use Keto Mojo and it works well. I like to make sure I am in ketosis and if I get knocked out, I want to make sure I get back in as fast as possible.

The other thing I am going to watch this week is my distribution of macros. I have seen my protein creeping up and I have to remember to keep my fats up there to get the max effect. Be careful with that as it is easy to do.

Again, track everything, and I mean, everything!

Three Keto Meal Hacks

This week we are going to look at three breakfast egg dishes. I did one this morning that was really good.

Today I put two ounces of cheddar in a pan and melted it. I put it aside on a plate. Then I heated prosciutto and put it on top of the cheese. Finally I fried three eggs and put them on top of that for breakfast.

I have been having a lot of spinach and Swiss omelettes lately as well. That is simple and works.

Finally I have been doing chorizo, cheese, jalapeños and eggs together and then putting them in a half a piece of Cut Da Carb flatbread to make a breakfast quesadilla. Finish by throwing some sour cream, salsa, hot sauce and guac on top! Boom!

Enjoy and have fun!

Please Share

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You can follow along with my wellness program on my podcast which is called Diabetes Army Rebuild. It is on all of your favorite players. And they are less than 10 minutes in length so I won’t tie up your whole day. Check it out!

We are going to have some real talk here. I am going to share the things I am doing. I am not a doctor and I always encourage you to see your doctor, but this is what works for me.