Funny How The Gym And Diet Work

It is funny how food and diet works. In the past while I have been struggling to bring down my glucose levels. Of course there are always a zillion reasons why, but it always seems to come back to the gym and diet.

I have been wearing my Fitbit for the past few years. I love it. Well maybe I don’t love the quality of it as I go through straps but I love the idea of it. I am waiting for the Apple Watch to come out with a glucose meter then I am jumping ship. But with all that said, it took me getting back in the gym to really start seeing a difference on my blood readings.

I would find in the mornings they were up over 200. Then I noticed that when I went to the gym the night before it would lower my readings in the morning. By lunch they were right back in line and I felt good all day.

Not Pizza

Now, on top of that, if I ate a really healthy meal the night before, then that would make a big difference as well. And I am not talking about pizza here. Although I love pizza.

Yeah, there is nothing secret here when it comes to managing diabetes. It really comes down to getting some exercise and eating right.

We are going to get into the exercise part in the near future but as simple as this lesson was, even I needed the reminder. So, I thought I would share it with you.

Hope you are well.

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