Diabetes Army Wellness Newsletter

Welcome to the Diabetes Army Wellness Newsletter. The real deal from a former pro wrestler who lives with type 2 diabetes. In an effort to reverse my diabetes I am using exercise and a keto diet. These are my adventures.

Please remember, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor before doing anything related to diabetes. This is what works for me.

We are changing up more as we continue to evolve and I want to bring you maximum value. I am now adding in the results from my Dia Hacking myself. I am trying to see which foods have the smallest effect on insulin. The lower the better.

On another note, I have not done the podcast in the past couple of weeks because of work but will be back at it this week. They are always under 10 minutes so perfect for the shower or while you are brushing your teeth! Diabetes Army Rebuild on all your favorite channels.

This week we talk about Dia Hacking, my shot, fasting and more!

Volume 2 Number 12


Well I went and did it. Yup, I got my Covid shot last week. And there was nothing to it.

I did the drive through here in Los Angeles. It had just opened up to diabetics so I signed up immediately and run through the drive-up location at Six Flags, Magic Mountain.

It was very well planned out. First stop they asked if I had anything documenting my diabetes. Nope, I told them. They then gave me a sheet and told me to check the diabetes box. Then I moved on to the group who gave me a shot. From there into a line to wait 15 minutes to make sure I had zero reaction and finally I was released.

I have worked everyday through the pandemic and I am so relieved to get this. Can’t image going as long as I have then catch Covid at the end. I have been so careful. No way was I going to blow it now.

This week we are going to make a change to this section. I have been Dia Hacking my diabetes for a while and with great results. Now I am testing the effects of my meals with readings before and after. Moving forward we are going to look at some of the results here. I post the pictures of the meals on Instagram and Facebook so you can find pics of them there.

We are going to kick this week off with the keto pizza. I made an amazing one last night. For it, I used Cut Da Carb flatbreads as a base for these. I get a lot of requests for the recipe which I posted recently in this newsletter.

So let’s talk about my pizza night. I started off the day at a reading of 130 and took no insulin all day. Figured that I would just walk a number of steps to bring that number down naturally.

I put that pizza together and because I had fasted all day I decided to make a complete sheet of the flatbread which would mean it had nine net carbs for the base. The toppings didn’t check in with many carbs.

And about two hours after I had dinner I checked again and my meter read 145. I thought that was pretty good considering I had no insulin for the day.

Now keep in mind that I was taking 300 units of insulin daily so saw this as a win. Took about 30 before bed and came out this morning at 110 so another day without.

I am Dia Hacking my body and I will continue to post my results here in this newsletter for you, the subscriber. I encourage you to do the same sort of experiment. DM my some of your results. Let’s hack diabetes out of our bodies!

And, a reminder, always do everything with your doctor.


Intermittent fasting has become a big part of my weeks lately. I did two 40-hour fasts last week, one 18 hour and one 15 hour. Around those, I have been eating some great keto dishes.

Because of the fasting, I am left with a lot of carbs I can eat. I never blow my 20 carbs in a meal. Just because they fit into my macro plan doesn’t mean I am going to use them all.

Since I am hacking myself, I am now at the point of trying to figure out which meals have the lowest effects on insulin. I want to produce as little insulin as possible. I am going deep on this.

The less insulin in my body the better. It is the insulin that causes the weight gain so my goal is to bring those foods down.

As for snacks, I get asked this a lot, I am still on pork rinds and macadamia nuts. I find the combo of those two basically fill any sort of munchie mood I might get and not give me a ton of carbs that I will regret later.

My Wellness?

Hopefully you are taking my adventures and using them for your journey as well. My whole point of doing this was to present what I am doing and hopefully others will be able to take from that. I am not a doctor and I advise you check with your doc. I am just saying what works for me.


This week we have covered a lot so I will be brief here. After I hit 100 pounds down I didn’t even have the urge to go out and celebrate at a fancy restaurant. Instead I set another goal almost immediately.

Next stop is another 40 pounds down. And to do that, I am taking my Dia Hacking to a whole new level.

I encourage you to do the same thing. The faster we can get to our goals the better. We have to be safe while we are doing it but let’s get busy and get going.

Because of my Covid shot, I stopped my workouts last week as I didn’t want to mess with my body just in case. I feel good though so time to get busy again!

Your Wellness?

For those of you who don’t know, I wanted to prove this wasn’t a fluke so I started helping another ex pro wrestler with his journey. His name is Pete and he is located in Indiana. He lives in an assistance-living facility so it isn’t easy for him. Since then, a couple of other wrestlers and fighters have joined in. As always, consult with a doctor before doing any sort of health journey.

Besides Pete, I am also getting another former pro wrestler get going, his name is Joe and a former fighter, Bryen, as he recovers from hip replacement and works on getting back in shape. Recently I have jumped in with a successful real estate person who is on her own quest to get healthy.

I know I said I was going to cap it there, but I took on one more person. His name is Sean and he has a music company. I really want to prove that this can work for anyone.

So Pete and I followed the same fasting schedule last week. He did the two 40’s with me. We changed up the days so that we were coming off the second fast right when Pete was gong to weigh in and it worked. He is now down 82 pounds and well on his way to 100.

The other thing that Pete is doing now is making sure he is writing down his foods in his diary and also getting over 3,000 steps daily. All this combination is working well for him. He is crushing this.

Because of the success last week, we are going to continue on with the same fasting schedule this week.

Joe is another former pro wrestler who I met out on tour. Joe is from the deep south so he comes with that southern mindset and had to retrain himself on eating.

Another great week for Joe. He is now down to 195. This means he is only 10 pounds away from his ultimate goal of 185.

Joe is very excited about where things are going. He hasn’t been this low since he was in high school. On tour he wrestled a lot higher than he is now.

Bryen didn’t check in this week. He has been dealing with trying to get his vehicle back on the road as he needs that to run his business. Look, life happens and it doesn’t care if you are on a journey or not. We will catch up with him this week.

Ms Real Estate is a huge success story. And this is one to pay attention to. After one month, she is down 15 pounds! Huge!!

And what is really interesting about this is that there were points when she felt the pounds should have been dropping faster. I assured her she was doing great and to continue on with exactly what she was doing.

Huge payoff for her and I am very proud of her efforts. I have told her what I tell everyone, stay focused and stay the course focusing on the journey. When you do that, the results will come.

In an effort to try another non, pro athlete I am helping Sean get his wellness going too.

Sean and I didn’t connect this week. We did text and he didn’t weigh in this morning as he normally does. He was going to do it this afternoon but I told him not to.

I told Sean that it is important to weigh yourself at the same time so you are comparing apples to apples. Your body will gain weight during the day and you scale will show a different number at 7 p.m. than it did at 7 a.m. so it is important to be consistent.

We will get a new weight number from him for the next issue.

We will continue to track and I will bring you all the progress. If you have any questions please dm me on my IG or Facebook page.

Keto Meal Hacks

People have been asking me about my food pics a lot and wanting to know how I construct them. The only problem is that I never make them exactly the same way every time. But I can lay down the basics here and you can adjust to your taste. My taste is crazy hot, so some of you will want to tame down.

Have been making taco bakes lately that are amazing. So I fry up ground beef, jalepenos, cayenne (cause I am crazy like that) and other spices in a pan. Transfer that into a baking bowl.

I then cover that mixture with sharp cheddar throw it in the oven for a bit and finish it under the broiler to get the cheese a little crispy.

In another pan I do some green and yellow peppers with a slight bit of onions.

When the meat dish comes out of the oven, I put the pepper and onions on it. Then I add hot sauce and salsa (don’t drown it to keep the carbs low). Over that I put some lettuce and a couple of tomato slices.

I then load all of this onto a half of a Cut Da Carb flatbread that I have browned in a pan.

That is an amazing baked taco. I am loving this dish big time and it doesn’t spike my glucose readings.

Try it and enjoy!

Please Share

If you know somebody who can benefit from this please share it. Have them DM my on Facebook or Instagram and I will be happy to add them. You rock!

You can follow along with my wellness program on my podcast which is called Diabetes Army Rebuild. It is on all of your favorite players. And they are less than 10 minutes in length so I won’t tie up your whole day. Check it out!

We are going to have some real talk here. I am going to share the things I am doing. I am not a doctor and I always encourage you to see your doctor, but this is what works for me.