Diabetes Army Wellness

Welcome to the Diabetes Army Wellness Newsletter. The real deal from a former pro wrestler who lives with type 2 diabetes. In an effort to reduce my diabetes I am using exercise and a keto diet. These are my adventures.

Please remember, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor before doing anything related to diabetes. This is what works for me.

This week we talk more about my adjustments, Pete is stagnant, turkey and more!

Volume 1 Number 25

My Wellness?

Redemption! Yup redemption!

That is the road I went down this week. Over the last couple of weeks, I told you about some of my struggles. Very real. No losses, had to miss a couple of workouts for various reasons. Matter of fact some weight gains. Not going in the right direction but wanted to keep this very real as this is the only way we will all grow and move forward.

Thanksgiving week was upon us. I was already up on my weight so I wanted to be super strict during it all. I went got a turkey breast. I also had cauliflower mashed, asparagus and a low-carb gravy. First time in eons no cranberry jelly. No pumpkin pie. Just a clean dinner. And plenty of left overs for lunch the next day.

The best part about all of this is that I really didn’t miss any of that. I really felt great with my dinner. I think it is because I have been eating so clean for so long that I am just used to this now.

As for my workouts, I do DDP Yoga and I wear a heart-beat monitor. This tells me how long I am in the fat-burning zone and how long I am over that zone too. For me, my zone is between 104 to 123 heartbeats per minute. Below that I am not burning fat and above that means I need to tone it down.

I judge what level of program to do by how much time I spend in the green zone. I always want to be pushing myself. When I spend a lot of time in the zone, I want to move up to challenge myself.

So, over the week, I noticed I was spending more and more time there. At first I thought I just wasn’t working hard enough. Then I realized I was just getting in better shape and I had to move up a level and that is what I did.

The new level I am at moves a lot faster than the old one. I remember when I first moved into the old level I used to think that there was no way I was going to make it through the workout. Funny how we sometimes don’t even see the gains. But they are there. Make sure you recognize them.

In the keto section of this, I am going to talk about the changes I made to my foods to kickstart the rest of this wonderful journey.

One last thing, I want to make it clear that for your journey, you don’t have to be exercising at the level I am at. Let’s remember at the start I was doing bed yoga. Just getting out and walking is great. If you can’t do that, exercise in your bed or a chair is fine. Just focus on increasing every week. It may seem hard at the start but you will get there I promise. Just raise your heart rate.

Your Wellness?

For those of you who don’t know, I wanted to prove this wasn’t a fluke so I started helping another ex pro wrestler with his journey. His name is Pete and he is located in Indiana. He lives in an assistant living facility so it isn’t easy for him.

Well Pete is back in his room at his facility. You may recall they quarantined him for having Covid for two weeks. Now, except for the fact that he can’t walk around still and get his steps in, life is sort of returning to normal for him.

With that said, he weighed the other day and, after having lost a lot of weight on his last trip to the scale, he didn’t lose a pound this time. Good news is that he didn’t gain either. But I could hear some disappointment in his voice.

He is down 41 pounds since he started. I can see some strains and cracks now though. He is eating a lot salads and I think he is getting tired of them so I am trying to teach him how he can adapt the food they bring him for dinner and lunch into a keto meal. For example just throw the bun away on the burger. 

My challenge now will be keeping Pete on that straight line. We all hit it, now it is just about the support.


My glucose readings have been solid all week. Mostly because I have been eating so clean. With that said I have set a major goal to get rid of my diabetes by the end of next year.

Since my readings have been so good, I have been playing with my insulin levels again. I have been taking less in the morning and my noon readings are still in line, if not low.

My biggest problem has always been my overnight levels. I have been trying to cut back some and let them come up a bit in the morning. What is proving itself right with me is that less insulin is leading to more weight loss. And with more weight loss I am needing less insulin. It is an ugly circle but it is very real.

I cut out one of my insulin shots completely a while back. That was the one I used to take a dinner. I am saving my body from a lot of insulin currently. I am in a real dog fight with diabetes and winning.

I know the final victory won’t come easy. Diabetes isn’t going to give up easily on me. But I am determined to knock it out before I am done.


This week I made some major keto adjustments. And I believe those, combined with my increased workouts, are the reason I have again started dropping weight. 

I felt my carb count was creeping up. With that said I made some changes this week and dialed them all back. And I think it really made a difference.

As I am huge with tracking everything, I looked at my Carb Counter app and tried to bring my net carbs down to 15 and below. Some days I was able to keep them to 10 or less. I don’t think they have been above 15 for a while though.

As it was Thanksgiving week, I tried to get creative with turkey dishes. Turkey is great with keto as there are no carbs, especially in a turkey breast. 

For the upcoming week, I have some meetings that are going to take me outside my office. That is where things can go haywire with keto. I am meal prepping for it though so I am definitely going to control my keto this week.

As I haven’t had trouble keeping on track with the lower carbs, I am going to reset my carb counter to 15 net. From there I would like to even get it down to 10 net. 

In order to do this, I am going to have to be very creative. But it is the journey that we should be enjoying so let’s get at it.

Three Keto Meal Hacks

This week we are looking at turkey since Thanksgiving was just upon us. This should be easy though and we should consider eating turkey more often.

First for the basic dinner. I went with cauliflower mash, a simple veggie and turkey. As there are very few carbs in that, you can afford to use a gravy that has two or three carbs in it.

Ok, number two would be to put some turkey with bone broth and add in some shirataki noodles. You have an excellent soup. Spice to flavor.

Lastly how about doing a cauliflower rice stir fry? I put a few frozen veggies in mine and fry the cauliflower rice in sesame oil. Don’t forget to add an egg. Spice to desire. Then add the left-over turkey. Delicious. 

Please Share

If you know somebody who can benefit from this please share it. Have them DM my on Facebook or Instagram and I will be happy to add them. You rock!

You can follow along with my wellness program on my podcast which is called Diabetes Army Rebuild. It is on all of your favorite players. And they are less than 10 minutes in length so I won’t tie up your whole day. Check it out!

We are going to have some real talk here. I am going to share the things I am doing. I am not a doctor and I always encourage you to see your doctor, but this is what works for me.