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Welcome to the Diabetes Army Wellness Newsletter. The real deal from a former pro wrestler who lives with type 2 diabetes. In an effort to reverse my diabetes I am using exercise and a keto diet. These are my adventures.

Please remember, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor before doing anything related to diabetes. This is what works for me.

We are changing up the format a little this week. We will now jump right into diabetes and keto and leave the journey further down.

This week we talk about pre diabetes, tracking macros, lot of movement in the crew and more!

Volume 2 Number 7


So let’s really dig into diabetes this week and basically lay it on the line. I am talking about type 2 diabetes here.

These are just my opinions and of course I am not a doctor. And, I suggest you always check with your doc and work hand in hand with that person.

So immediately let’s stop with the pre-diabetic stage. It is like being a little pregnant. You either are or you aren’t. In other words, you have to do something about the stage you are in or you don’t. That simple. Get on or off the bus.

It might make you feel good to think that you are pre, but I just think you need to really change something with that type of diagnosis. This is your life you are talking about. It isn’t a TV show so literally do something and do it now.

If you have been diagnosed with pre diabetes that means that your blood sugar is floating up and into the area of concern. Your doctor might start you on pills or just give you the warning of what is happening.

And what is happening is that your body is having a hard time with your glucose levels. You have too much of it and you are running over capacity.

There are ways to bring those numbers down. But before we get there, let’s examine why you have this. The most probable cause is weight gain. As we add more fat to our body, we have a harder time taking care of it.

The super simple solution is to drop some weight. The key, especially as we get older is how we do that?

We are going to dig down to the three main ways in the coming issues. Right now, you just need to make the decision you are going to change. And a real decision. And decide you want to take real action.

The good news is that I am reversing my diabetes and you can too.


I want to talk this week about tracking. I record all my carbs and my fasting times. And when I say track, I mean really, seriously track.

The key to tracking is that you need to know exactly how many carbs you actually had today plus your other macros. So if you need to adjust next week, then you know where to start.

It is easy to forget to put in the egg you had for a snack or the pork rinds, but all this stuff adds up.

I will go back an take a look at a week at a time. I look for trends. Are my carbs creeping up? What about my protein level? How is it in conjunction with fats? Do I need to move something around?

As we continue on our journey, we are going to come to points where we slow down or even stall. This is where we really have to dig into our macros and see what we missed.

Measure, measure, measure and then do it again and write it down.

The other thing is make sure that you are checking ketones. I check mine daily at lunchtime. The reason I say this is that I want to make sure that something I ate hasn’t knocked me out of ketosis. On the other hand I want to know if what I am eating is producing more ketones for me.

Track everything. It is part of the journey.

My Wellness?

Hopefully you are taking my adventures and using them for your journey as well. My whole point of doing this was to present what I am doing and hopefully others will be able to take from that. I am not a doctor and I advise you check with your’s. I am just saying what works for me.


Huge weekend for me as I hit another low with my weight loss. I am now just a pound and change away from being down 90 pounds. After I hit that I will be rounding home to the 100-pound mark.

But my reality is that I want more. I absolutely want more and will go get it!

My diabetes is going great. I am going multiple days without insulin. That is a huge win. I am not there year but so close I can smell it.

When I am taking insulin is is now down to 10-30 units over two days versus 600 units that it used to be for that same time period.

I am down to my last notch on my belt. And, as I mentioned last week, my close are all fitting really loose.

At work we wear either golf shirts or dress shirts. I couldn’t fit into a golf shirt. But that was in the past. Currently I have an entire closet full of them. And, now, they fit. Pretty amazing to see the results.

Some of my partners at work have come down with Covid and I am being super cautious to stay out of the way of people. So far so good. As I tell my staff, be safe and be cautious.

Your Wellness?

For those of you who don’t know, I wanted to prove this wasn’t a fluke so I started helping another ex pro wrestler with his journey. His name is Pete and he is located in Indiana. He lives in an assistance-living facility so it isn’t easy for him. Since then, a couple of other wrestlers and fighters have joined in. As always, consult with a doctor before doing any sort of health journey.

Besides Pete, I am also getting another former pro wrestler going, his name is Joe and a former fighter, Bryen, as he recovers from hip replacement and works on getting back in shape. Recently I have jumped in with a successful real estate person who is on her own quest. That is where I am capped at though as I want to make sure all these folks succeed and not spread myself too thin.

This has been a big couple of weeks for Pete. He didn’t weigh in time for the last publication but he has been upping his walking and watching his carb intake. I am proud to report that his steps have come up by about 1,000 steps a day!

Not only did his steps come up, his weight went down. He is now down 67 pounds and going strong. Pete has started fasting with bone broth as well. He likes it. This is done by his eating breakfast and then having bone broth for dinner and lunch. He waits to eat until breakfast again the next day. Huge success story.

Joe got back on track and is down 27 pounds. I met Joe out on tour. He is one of the most unique individuals you will ever meet. Joe has a deep southern drawl. When we would wrestle in Canada, waitresses could never understand his food orders so I would be the translator. I would always make him order first as I enjoyed the absolute confusion that followed.

The great news for Joe is that he is less than two pounds away from being under 200 pounds for the first time since he was a teen ager. Lot of good things going on for Joe.

Bryen has had a very hectic and stressful couple of weeks. His truck broke down and he has been working on it with a friend. He ended up putting way more money into it than he thought he would but he is determined to get it done.

With the stress, he has seen his weight going from down 17 to down 13 and always settling for somewhere in between. I told him that this is absolutely normal and it is called life.

He is still super excited and dedicated to the long term though.

Also, Ms Real Estate has checked in with a 2.5 loss after the first week and is excited. She had stopped cooking but now with her new lifestyle she is finding more and more reasons to be in the kitchen which is awesome.

As this often does, the great news with her is that her mother is starting to sample her dishes and she is liking it too. And that is exciting news.

We will continue to track and I think she is going to have amazing results.

Keto Meal Hacks

I want to talk this week about the ease of ordering keto now at restaurants. Recently I tried the Keto Chicken Bowl at Chipotle and now I see that El Pollo Loco has come out with a Keto Bowl as well.

The key to both of these are that they are anchored with cilantro Cauliflower rice. This is a huge advancement as yet another sign that people are acknowledging that killing carbs might be a good way to go.

I would recommend both of these dishes and we are going to continue to find more.

Please Share

If you know somebody who can benefit from this please share it. Have them DM my on Facebook or Instagram and I will be happy to add them. You rock!

You can follow along with my wellness program on my podcast which is called Diabetes Army Rebuild. It is on all of your favorite players. And they are less than 10 minutes in length so I won’t tie up your whole day. Check it out!

We are going to have some real talk here. I am going to share the things I am doing. I am not a doctor and I always encourage you to see your doctor, but this is what works for me.