Diabetes Army Wellness Newsletter

Welcome to the Diabetes Army Wellness Newsletter. The real deal from a former pro wrestler who lives with type 2 diabetes. In an effort to reverse my diabetes I am using exercise and a keto diet. These are my adventures.

Please remember, I am not a doctor so please check with your doctor before doing anything related to diabetes. This is what works for me.

We are changing up the format a little this week. We will now jump right into diabetes and keto and leave the journey further down.

This week we talk about doctors, results, more weight loss for Pete and more!

Volume 2 Number 6


I did more bio hacking on my diabetes this week. My fight to beat my type 2 diabetes continues. I am running right at this thing.

So I started experimenting with more measuring to see what plays havoc with my glucose levels and what doesn’t.

I started doing some various fasts a while back to see the effect this would have on my insulin levels. And it has worked great. I was taking 300 units a day and with the combination of keto and fasting, I have gotten that down to just 20 units over two days. That total used to be 600.

The reason for my quest to reduce insulin is that it causes me to gain weight. I say it time and time again, if you reduce the amount of insulin in your body you will also reduce the pounds. I have proven this week in and week out.

Need to stop here and tell you that I do this with the blessing of my doctor and always check with your doc too.

So this week I wanted to see the effect of the bone broth I take while fasting with my glucose levels. With no insulin shot in the morning, my reading at lunch was 119 before I had a cup of bone broth. An hour later it was 115 and two hours later it was 121 which is still fantastic. My point was that it didn’t spike and that is what I was looking for. My keynotes went from .6 to .9 and I was really happy about that.

This experiment proves exactly what I was talking about, I can use bone broth to do the longer fasts and it won’t have any effect on me. It will have an effect on my blood sugar however as it seems to keep it steady.

I will be doing more glucose experiment in the future however.

How is your diabetes doing? More importantly are you taking any steps to correct it? I found just starting with some basic things will work. And you only have to do them for a few days before you will start seeing the results.

What I mean by that, is to cut back on soda for example for a week. Or cut out candy bars, anything like that and let me know how your readings are.


Have done some experimenting with keto this week as well. One of my worries is eating too much protein while enjoying this program. I love steak and chicken but I always have to remember to get my fats in.

Saturday I tried to make a cheddar bun in my waffle maker to put on a burger. It was an epic fail as I think I used the wrong waffle iron and I didn’t let it cool down enough. That is always my problem with a cheese shell, I never let it cool down enough and it just falls apart as a gooey mess.

This time I was very close to getting it done and I will next time for sure but I think I am going to buy a smaller iron and try it in there.

With my new fasting program I am eating even fewer carbs. But I feel great after the fast so I am really happy about it.

The one thing about fasting though is that I have 20 net carbs to go for dinner and that is a lot. So I have to slow myself down and not try to destroy that many carbs. I have settled into the seven to 12 range. And believe me I am full at that point.

Have you started your keto journey yet? If so, how is it going? I would love to hear your wins and your losses. If there is anything I can help you with, I am wide open to jump in.

My Wellness?

Hopefully you are taking my adventures and using them for your journey as well. My whole point of doing this was to present what I am doing and hopefully others will be able to take from that. I am not a doctor and I advise you check with your’s. I am just saying what works for me.


It is really getting bad. My clothing that is, it is getting ridiculous. My pants are so baggy that I think I am going to have to buy a bunch of new ones.

I am less than a pound away from a major goal on the scale. Thought I would hit it at the end of the week but I did a dumb move on Saturday and that cost me. No worries though as I am right there still. My dumb move didn’t involve me going off keto but just made way too much food. So, there was that. . .

But, with that said, I still had a great week. We got new company golf shirts in and I can actually wear them instead of my dress shirts. And they are baggy. Huge win.

There are a lot of other wins as well. My yoga is getting easier and easier to do. My energy is boundless and my steps are climbing back up. As well, I am sleeping better and getting up well rested.

I think we need to take a minute and talk about mindset here. A huge find for me in the last year has been meditation. I use the Headspace app and I love it. I do three minutes in the morning and I do 10 minutes at night. It teaches me how to train my mind. This is a game changer.

We will get more into this in the future but it can significant with everything you tackle during the day. More to come on this.

Your Wellness?

For those of you who don’t know, I wanted to prove this wasn’t a fluke so I started helping another ex pro wrestler with his journey. His name is Pete and he is located in Indiana. He lives in an assistance-living facility so it isn’t easy for him. Since then, a couple of other wrestlers and fighters have joined in. As always, consult with a doctor before doing any sort of health journey.

Besides Pete, I am also getting another former pro wrestler going, his name is Joe and a former fighter, Bryen, as he recovers from hip replacement and works on getting back in shape. Recently I have jumped in with a successful real estate person who is on her own quest. I have also had an actress reach out and she should be about a week out. That is where I am capped at though as I want to make sure all these folks succeed and not spread myself too thin.

Pete has had a good week of eating. He has been having breakfast and then bone broth for lunch and dinner. He hadn’t weighed yet by the time I went to publish this but our last time on the scale he was down 61 pounds. I have a feeling he will be down more when he jumps back up on them.

Joe had a week where he was getting back on track. He had some family issues come up that he had to attend to first and was worried that he wouldn’t be able to stay strict because of it. Although he just started back in at the end of the week but the good news is that he didn’t gain any weight.

Joe is excited to his program going again.

LIke a lot of athletes, Joe has had some injuries over the years though. This has slowed him a bit. He bought a bike but has found that he has a lot of pain if he rides it. We are looking for alternatives. Of course there are a lot things people can do but what is important is that it engages him because if it doesn’t, then none of this matters.

Bryen checked back in. He was just caught up with being very busy. He is staying on track though. Still down 17 pounds. He is finding himself going up and down but that is just experimenting with various foods. That will continue until he gets settled.

Also, Ms Real Estate is super excited to start. We will check on her this week and see how the first week was. She was in the process of getting the proper apps and then loading the cupboards with various foods. I am really excited for her and know she will do fantastic.

Three Keto Meal Hacks

This week we are going to talk about three kinds of cheddar shells you can make and hopefully better than me.
The first one is in a small waffle iron where you can make a cheddar bun for a burger. You have to let it cool so you can get it out though. I just did an epic fail with that but I know many who haven’t.

Second you can put some cheddar in a pan and cook it down and let it start to cool. Then take the cheddar and hang it over a wooden spoon to make a taco shell.

Finally just do the cheddar in the pan and cook it up then let it cool to be a base where you can put bacon and eggs on top. Super simple.

Enjoy and have fun!

Please Share

If you know somebody who can benefit from this please share it. Have them DM my on Facebook or Instagram and I will be happy to add them. You rock!

You can follow along with my wellness program on my podcast which is called Diabetes Army Rebuild. It is on all of your favorite players. And they are less than 10 minutes in length so I won’t tie up your whole day. Check it out!

We are going to have some real talk here. I am going to share the things I am doing. I am not a doctor and I always encourage you to see your doctor, but this is what works for me.