This week's newsletter is about changes that I will be making this week in my health journey. I have dropped more weight and so has the team. A number of people are getting great results as we continue to adjust our wellness plans.
There is also a new, fun recipe as we get a lot of requests for how we build the food we post.
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Bottom line is that if I can do this then you can too. Type 2 diabetes can be beaten and I am proving it. If I can then you can for sure!
Please check out the Diabetes Army Rebuild podcast on your favorite player. They are less than 10-minutes long and I drop value a couple of times a week. The latest tells you my keto program. See if it will work for you?

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Let's rock this together!


And as always, we say just kill the sugar. You will feel much better. Check out our blog from more on this.

Together at diabetes army we want to fight this war!

Join Us

Come join us on this journey to battle diabetes. We have a podcast that is growing and a newsletter.

Both of those talk about things that can help you lower your blood sugar. You will learn tips to get your reading consistent.

Dan posts his glucose readings daily and gives you a real insight as to how he gets them so consistent.

The great news is that all of this is free. If you are tired about hearing a lot of garble from a bunch of different people, join us for the straight goods.

Simply email your first name and email address to diabetesarmy@yahoo.com and we will add you to our list.

Act today and let's get this thing going!



Diabetes Army has to ask, are you having a rough day? That is ok, those will happen. As a matter of fact those will happen a number of times, not just today.

Does that mean the party is over? Absolutely not! Who doesn't have a tough day every now and again? Guess what? It is part of living and being human.

The thing on a rough day is that you have to suck it up and move forward. You can't dwell on the past. There are things that are not in your control. You also can't control the past. You can only move forward. This is what diabetes army is all about.

A lot of this is in your head. Do not allow yourself to wallow in bad thoughts. I tell myself I don't have that luxury. I have to be constantly moving. Nobody is feeling sorry for me and I have to just suck it up and go get things done.

And I do, every single day. When you throw your legs over your bed in the morning, only one person can make that day a good day or a bad day and that person is you. Go get it. You deserve it.

Win The War

Diabetes Army is a war. I am a former professional wrestler who one day woke up with type-2 diabetes. I was shocked. How could this be?

After it sank in, I made a decision that I was not going to let this disease win. I decided to dig in and fight the war against it. I was not going to let it slow my life down one bit. No way!

I am now a business executive who can no longer spend hours in the gym like I used to when I was on tour. I had to find real-world solutions.

Now I am on the road to managing this condition. But my main goal is to give back and help others as well. We will form a diabetes army.

Whether you want to lose weight, get more active or just need some support. This is the place for you.

Our blog is a great place to check out with us. Here you can access our podcast or a blog post. It can be found here.

If you need inspiration, contact me. I will motivate you to get your first steps in, no matter what your condition. Email me here.

Together we will win this war and have fun doing it! Welcome to diabetes army!